Scholarship Program


We try to keep the fees as low as possible, but not all of our local families committed to our school can afford the yearly tuition. Please support our scholarship students with a one time or a monthly donation. Through your donation we can provide a bilingual education that can open a world of opportunities for these youth and the surrounding communities.

For scholarships, we don’t charge for Building Fund, just the yearly registration, materials and monthly tuition.  Full year scholarship would be $3000 for a Kinder child and $4000 for a grades child.  A full year would be extremely generous and really appreciated.  If not donating the full amount, we will pool together multiple donations until we reach the goal.  100% of your donated amount goes to the children. Review the scholarship candidates here.

We are pleased that our school is healthy and growing. But more kids need more space! We are planning to build a new classroom, two new bathrooms that are required for our accreditation with the Costa Rican Ministry of Education and we are always improving our play areas, the next project is building several play houses.  Using local materials, personal work, local workers and donated parent time we can build this for $13,000.  Any help you can provide goes a LONG way here!

Our future plans include a library, tree house, arts center, covered gymnasium and housing for families.

Thank you so much for your donation!!