Pre-K & Kindergarten


ages 2 to 6 years old


Waldorf Pre-K exposes the children to so much more than typical Pre-K care.  It is truly bilingual, half the week in English and half the week in Spanish.  Children experience daily rhythms in a nurturing environment where nature has an important role in the day to day activities. We start the day with a nature walk to get in deep connection with all beings that surround us.  Later we take care of our garden and plant or water plants all while singing songs to entertain and expose the children to the languages.  

Animals are also part of our daily tasks, we feed them, give water and bring in any new chicken eggs laid. Outdoor play in rope swings, see-saws, sand box, slide is part of the rhythm children look forward to. We sing, exercise with movement and recite poems. Children help with all tasks at school which is an important part of developing self confidence, a sense of responsibility and teamwork.

The Kindergarten group will separate for some time during the day to introduce activities, crafts and movements specifically for their age that help provide the foundation for when they move into the grades.