Proper nutrition is extremely important to our school. As parents, you have witnessed first hand and we certainly see everyday how proper fuel for our kids can significantly effect their energy, mood and focus. We are proud that our kids are constantly trying new foods and our parents are happy and often surprised to hear what their children are enjoying for lunch. We strive for a proper blend of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Our menu is review by nutritionists and contains daily a good selection of vegetables and fruits.

Of course, not all children are sensitive to gluten (essentially wheat) and casein (cow’s milk protein), but almost all kids get lots of these outside of school, so we have eliminated gluten and casein as well.

Our vegetables and fruits are organic where it is possible and meals are prepared the same day with fresh, natural and wholesome ingredients.

The children are also greatly involved in the meals, they help set the table, clear their own plates and take turns washing the dishes - setting up good habits for home as well!


Menu Samples

  • Monday

Pesto Pasta & mixed vegetables salad

  • tuesday

chili sin carne & platanos chips                                 

  • wednesday

roasted potatoes, raw veggies & hummus

  • Thursday

asian vegetable pasta

  • friday

tomato & rice soup, homemade oatbread

  Fresh tropical fruits for dessert every day!

Fresh tropical fruits for dessert every day!