ages 6,5 to 13 years old

We offer grades 1st through 7th, for ages 6 1/2 - 13 years old.  For the 2017-2018 school year, our 2nd / 3rd grade is a combined classroom and we also offer a mixed age classroom for 5th, 6th and 7th grade. 

The curriculum in these years develops the thinking, feeling and will in each child through hands-on learning in math, reading, writing, nature studies, music and art. The curriculum meets the development of the age group and is presented in a creative, engaging way that fosters a love for learning. 

Daily life in the grades classroom:

We begin our day with our two hour main lesson, music and movement. This is designed to immerse the children in a subject such as mathematics and language arts, over a period of four weeks. 

We work in the block system to immerse the students in the subject. They connect with the material in many different ways through movement, practice, art, songs and writing. 

Learning & Playing.jpg

After main lesson we have snack and recess in our beautiful playground and nature area. The next two classes are practice in either math, language arts and reading. After lunch and recess we have hands on learning through craft, building, art, handwork, and gardening. 

Our curriculum is bilingual therefore we split our time evenly in Spanish and English, the children gain full exposure to all subjects in both languages.  Twice per week, the children also receive French and German lessons from native speakers.